Micro Wedding @ Morden Hall 

Nadine & Aiden

What do you do when your 200 + guest multi venue city wedding gets postponed by a serious case Covid Lockdown?   Well, you go right on ahead and get married in the most beautiful, intimate micro-wedding with the closest of family.  That is exactly what Nadine & Aiden did.  They were determined to get married following months of UK lockdown, that had made it clear to them they were perfect for each other.   I’m so pleased that they did, as it was such a beautiful August day at Morden Park.

The original wedding date was in May 20220 so was firmly in the first UK national lockdown.  We kept in touch across this period so I could offer support on any questions that came up.  Then, when they made the decision to go ahead – with limited guests – I was honoured to be asked to be a witness!  This was due to the distancing restrictions as  there were only 2 of the wedding party permitted in the venue with the wedding couple  As we had got on so well since we’d first met NAdine & Aiden asked me to step in to sign, as well as  take photos during ceremony!!   I was so pleased to have been asked as it was truly a pleasure to help in what is an unprecedented year!

Ther wedding and photos were only for a few hours as the reception has quite sensibly been put back until it’s permitted to have the required number of guests 

Having photogographed a number of micro weddings this year I must say I’m a big fan of them.  It’s really refreshing to photograph unrestricted by a wedding schedule (that’s normally required in order to shepherd 200 people). Micro weddings  feel so personal as without all the guess the day truly belongs to the couple.  It’s a very diferent feel and one that I think has a truly intimate feel to it..  

We had a lot of fun taking photos in Morden Park after the ceremony.  There were both up for giving things a go so we had a lot of fun capturing some honest portraits that really lets their personalities shine.

I can’t wait for part 2 at the reception next year!!


Morden Park House

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It was a real privilege to be ANdien  & Aiden’s Wedding Photographer.

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