what are my (album) options..?

Should I get a wedding album or my photos digitally.?

Why Invest in Both a Wedding Album and digital photos?

  • Future-Proof Your Memories: Technology changes constantly. USBs might become obsolete, but a stunning wedding album is a tangible keepsake. Your beautiful album will transport you back to your special day for generations to come.
  • Tangible Experience: Holding your wedding album and reliving your special moments offers an emotional connection that a digital file can’t replicate.
  • Immediate Enjoyment: Don’t let those gorgeous photos languish on a hard drive! A wedding album inspires you to revisit and share your memories with loved ones from the moment you receive it.

I Can Help You Create Your Perfect Wedding Keepsakes

I’m a professional wedding photographer passionate about capturing the essence of your love story. I offer both digital files via download and for safekeeping these exquisite album and wall-art options:

Beautiful Boxed Albums

You will love these beautiful lay flat, flush mounted ‘heirloom quality’ Photo Albums that are individually hand made by skilled craftsmen and printed onto seamless panoramic 800gsm double—page spreads.  They look and feel awesome.

Available in a range of cover colours, materials, and paper types, they will look great and last for generations.


8×8″  Boxed Album includes 20 pages / 10 x DPS


10×10″ or 12 x 8″ Boxed Album includes 20 pages / 10 x DPS


12×12″ Boxed Album includes 20 pages / 10 x DPS

Parent albums are available alongside the above boxed albums from – £125 (includes 10x DPS /  Additional DPS @ £6

Classic Wooden Framed  Photos

These versatile, classic & timeless wooden framed prints are a thing of beauty and will look great on any wall or mantlepiece.

Available in three colour ways : black, white and oak these high quality fames will give your photos a sense of warmth, character and refinement.

Choose beween ‘Canon Satin’ or ‘Mohawk Eggshell’ and a further option to accentuate the image withe a white passpartout

The frames come in sizes from 8×8″ to 28×20″.  





8×12 / 12 x 8″




12 x 16.5″

16.5 x 12″




20 x 28″

28 x 20 “


Newlyweds walk hand in hand in Lincolns inn - London Wedding Venue

Want to check if we’re a good fit?  Explore  my approach to wedding photography here, or you visit my investment page for details on packages and the booking process.

Ready to take the next step?  Contact me to here to check my availability.  Dates book up quickly, so let’s see if we can make your dream wedding photos a reality!