My Wedding Photography Approach : What can you expect?

Newlyweds sit on a bar in Clapton Country Club

Choosing a wedding photographer is about more than just beautiful images.  Your photographer hangs out with you on your wedding day longer than anyone else! They’ll have an influence on how the day flows and definitely affect the memories you take with you. Have you considered what kind of style are you looking for from your photographer?  Someone who’s a pro at those giant family photoshoots?  Someone who’s going full commando, inching down the aisle on their belly, someone obsessing with artsy shots all day, or do you want an invisible photographer, snapping all the real moments without interrupting? 

So what’s my style?  Well it’s always pretty tricky putting myself in a category, but as I kind of have to, I’d call it ‘Guided Documentary with a hint of editorial photography’.  So the editorial/documentary bit is that I’m hunting for those epic photos that really show the emotion and present an honest (but with a slightly magazine-y feel) account of what happens.  The guided bit as I’m delighted to roll up my sleeves and give some guidance toyou and guests where it’s welcome to ensure we smash your couples photos and make some real magic happen.  I’m constantly looking for those moody shafts of light and those period features for an extra bit of authentic magic.

I believe the most captivating images are born from raw emotions and genuine interactions. My primary focus is not on directing poses, but on capturing the essence of your two and your unique love story:  The tender glances exchanged, the hand squeeze, the infectious laughter shared with friends, and the joyful chaos of the dance floor.

You probably found me because of my couples sessions. That’s where I really get in my stride and we get some memorable photos.  I love capturing real couples and getting those super-intimate, romantic shots that you might not think you’d ever be able to pull off.  Fear not though – I’ll guide you through some slow, dreamy poses in your couples session, and then switch it up and bring all the party energy for some fun shots later at night.

Most importantly? Let’s capture your personalities. To do this you will need to give yourself in to the process a bit..  Awesome photos come from you both having fun, as when you’re relaxed and enjoying the process you shine in your photos.  If you’re into being super chilled all day that’s fine but that’s also the story your photos will tell.   You can’t add fun in photoshop so I’ll bring the ideas and energy and you bring your selves and invest in the process and epic photos await!

Okay, here’s the thing, we all hate those weddings where the photographer drags the couple away all day.  Well good news as I actually don’t want your wedding to be “all about photos”.   That’s why I slip these photo sessions into quiet moments – in between courses, while everyone’s having coffee, that lull before the first dance.  And we keep them short and sweet to get maximum energy in the photos, and then get you right back to the party!  I love doing couples’ shots, but they shouldn’t come at the expense of your actual wedding!   You have my word that I will not keep you away from your guests for one second longer than necessary.

My editing style adds that punchy, editorial touch to your photographs.Think rich colours, deep blacks, and natural skin tones with a hint of warmth.  Plus a bit of black and white thrown in for real impact.   Minimal flash during the day lets the natural light do the work.  Then stylised flash adds drama to your dancefloor and evening photos. This way your photos can be both timeless and on-trend. Yay!

There’s no one size fits all for wedding photography and I’ll freely admit that my style doesn’t suit everyone, and everyone isn’t going to suitable for me either.  However you can be reassured that I’ve been photographing weddings for over a decade now, so without blowing my trumpet I do know my way round a wedding day by now.  I’ve developed a process from when we first talk to the end of your day that will include me likely asking a few searching questions to get the detail I need to make the most of your wedding photos, and alos offering suggestions to make the most of the key moments during the day.  I might make some suggestions to the flow of the day when & where to fit in some photos too.

After we have our first meeting by video call or in person I’ll share a rough photo schedule, Then I leave you guys to get on with business of planning things,.  You can call me at any point in your planning process to check in and ask questions.

I’ll get back in touch about 6 weeks out from the big day and we can finalise the details to make the most yof all your key wedding moments.

If you’ve read this far, you are either “a bit of a details person(!)” or we might just be a great match!

So…. to sum up..  When choosing your wedding photographer, it’s crucial to love your photographer’s work but you do need to gel also, so you can trust that their approach aligns with your vision.  In terms of Next steps..  You can check out my whole weddings page to see what the an entire wedding gallery looks like

Ready to take the next step?  Explore my investment page for details on packages and the booking process, or reach out through my contact page to check my availability.  Dates book up quickly, so let’s see if we can make your dream wedding photos a reality!

Additionally, if you are looking for a commercial photographer for events, headshots or architecture you can explore galleries and get in touch here



So if you are planning your wedding right now you’ll no doubt have some more questions about the photography that you want answers to

Below I’ve included a few answers to some…


How long do you stay at my wedding?

Either 8 or 10 hrs is the full day package, which can include bridal preparations, last dance & into the evening.   I tend to work pretty much constantly (apart from when I’m eating/scoffing canapés!) so you’ll get full coverage of the day.

Should we feed you..?

If you are having a full day with a wedding reception, then yes, please.   A hungry photographer is not a happy one…   It usually works out most convenient if I eat when you and your guests do, as guests eating is not the best opportunity for timeless images (!).  I don’t ever ask for anything special.  I’m not a fussy eater, so whatever is easiest for the caterers will be more than adequate.  However, if this isn’t practical or possible, I am also happy to bring some sandwiches!

Will you visit the venue before hand?

I always try to (if it’s practical).  I suggest we meet there together if possible.  We can review and agree on the best locations for some relaxed couple photos.  I’ll suggest timings etc… to make the most of the natural light.

Do you have insurance?

Yes I have public liability insurance & kit cover so can provide a copy of this to the venue if they require it

I hate being photographed, so can you help me..?

I’ve not yet encountered a couple who have said “Michael I can’t wait to be the centre of attention & have my picture taken, all day”.  So, I have good news for you as I can offer professional suggestions, acquired from 100+ weddings.

My way of working is really discreet, so I will not be involved in your day, apart from when required to organise some group formal photos and a perhaps some portraiture images of you both.   In terms of those portraits of the two of you, if you can hold hands and hug your partner on your wedding day, then we’ll be good.  For some memorable portraits of just you and your partner, I like to suggest we go on a sort of photo-walk (for 30 minutes-is). It’s all very relaxed, and we stop along the way and take pictures. If you’d like to try it out, an engagement shoot is a good way to get used to being in front of the lens.