1. How to Choose Your Engagement Photographer (And Rock the Shoot!)

Engagement Photos: Way More Than Just Snapshots

Okay, let’s be real – engagement photos are a seriously fun way to kickstart this whole wedding planning journey. It’s like your first official photoshoot as an almost-married couple! You get to play around with poses, see what looks amazing on camera, and snag some awesome pics for save-the-dates or your wedding website. Plus, you’re hanging out with your photographer and building that rapport way before the wedding day stress hits.

“Engagement photos are this super special way to document this crazy-exciting chapter in your lives,” says me your friendly wedding photographer – Michael Willlatt. “You’re getting to know your photographer, they’re learning what makes you two tick, and it just makes for even better shots on the big day!”

Wait, How Much Will This Cost?

If you’re hiring a photographer just for an engagement shoot, I estimate it’ll be around £300-£400 for a decent session. However, lots of wedding photographers actually include engagement photos in their packages. They really value that time to get to know you as a couple, because that’s how they get those genuine, totally ‘you’ moments on your wedding day.

Choosing Your Engagement Photographer Soulmate

Okay, we’re not talking about marriage here, but it’s still a big decision! It boils down to two major things: their editing style and their personality.

First, the style: Are you scrolling Instagram and swooning over those moody, vintage-looking shots? Or are bright, whimsical photos your jam? Every photographer has their ‘thing’ when it comes to how they edit their photos, so take some time figuring out what really speaks to you.

Second, the personality: Yeah, you’re not hiring your photographer to be your new BFF, but you’re going to be spending a ton of time with them on what’s probably the most important day of your life. You’ll want someone whose company you enjoy! “Checking out their website, seeing their work, their vibe on social media, and absolutely doing some kind of meet-and-greet is crucial,”. “Even if it’s just a quick video call, you want to make sure your personality clicks.”

When Should We Do This Thing?

Once you’ve got your dream photographer booked, it’s time to nail down the shoot date. Aim for about 10 months pre-wedding if you want to use those photos for save-the-dates (which should go out about 6-8 months beforehand). It leaves plenty of time for your photographer to work their editing magic and for you to get those invites designed. More flexibility if you’re further out from the wedding or aren’t doing save-the-dates the traditional way.

Think about the season, too. We all want to avoid the summertime sweat-fest, right? Spring and Auntumn are golden – literally! You’ve got gorgeous foliage, comfy temps, and that sweet, sweet natural light. Early morning and late evening shoots are most photographers’ go-to for that dreamy, soft glow. 

Nelyweds embrace outside Clapton Country Club, London

The Location Dilemma – Ask your engagement photographer

Here’s where things get interesting. Got a super sentimental spot? Like, where you had your first date, or your favourite park? That’s awesome! Just make sure to chat with your photographer about it first. They’ll help you figure out the logistics, if you need permits, and whether the lighting works.

But here’s the thing, photographers also love it when you just say “You know what, find us something cool!” They’re always out and about scouting for hidden gem locations. “I’m constantly keeping an eye out for a great new spot,”, “and love it when couples are up for an adventure!”

And hey, if you’re always dreaming of far-off places, why not make it a destination engagement shoot? Think Iceland, Venice, or anywhere that screams ‘you’ as a couple. It might mean hiring a local engagement photographer instead of your wedding one, but how incredible would those photos be?

The ‘What Do I Wear?!’ Panic

Okay, breathe. Engagement photos aren’t about making a bold fashion statement. Keep it classic with soft, neutral colours – beiges, greys, whites, and blacks are photo gold. A touch of your favourite colour is fun, but steer clear of super bright or saturated tones (your skin will thank you!).

Most importantly, choose something you’ve worn before and know makes you feel amazing. Don’t debut a brand-new outfit on the day of the shoot. You want to be comfy and confident! Oh, and it’s the perfect excuse to do a trial run with your wedding hair and makeup team too!  Check the weather and dress to impress.

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