my approach

My approach to wedding photography is genius.  I want you two not to think too much about wedding photography!   There you go..  How’s that for underselling your profession?    

So what I mean in that is that I want you guys to have the best day ever.   As I’m mainly a documentary photographer the more relaxed you are, having fun & being in the moment with your loverrr & pals = the more & better natural photos for you guys! Winner!

So, to make the best record of your big day it’s important we get along.  We spend quite a lt of time together on your weddings so if we get along then we work through your plans and get a rapport going..  Then we stand a good chance of making the magic happen!   Woohoo!  So on the biog day you are hopefully going to be thinking “Michael is on top of things”,  and so this is the beginning of getting the most out of your wedding photos.

So if you’re keen to have your story told in a natural, relaxed & most importantly enjoyable way, with no cliche’d poses then I’d love to help.  So if you don’t want photos of your foreheads touching (Why would you?) just let me know. I’m also happy with that!


Most couples tend to go for a mix of documentary photography (i.e me not getting involved) and a bit of posing/portraiture (me lightly directing things).   And yes you can absolutely can do a set of formal photos with the family too!!.  I’m not precious.. It’s your day so you get to choose and decide on everything (i.e. I will make a photography plan, discuss it with you & tweak it until you are happy).  This way you can both relax about the photography and enjoy the day knowing everything is in hand. You can be confident your photographer will be capturing both formal & fresh, contemporary & creative photos of you both. Yay!

And finally… don’t worry if you don’t have a huge masterplan, because I’ve still got your back & will happily walk you through the process.

You’ll get my direct number for any questions you may have, at any time leading up to the big day.

I’m on your side every step of the way. From the first call to to delivering your album and wall art, you will be my priority.


So if you are planning your wedding right now you’ll no doubt have some more questions about the photography that you want answers to.

Below I’ve included a few answers to some…




So, what's your style?

I’ll photograph your wedding with a documentary approach in the main, capturing key ceremonial moments, alongside the ones that just happen between the guests & family enjoying the day.  Many of these events are ones that would otherwise go unnoticed by the bridal couple.  Your wedding day hurtles along at breakneck pace when you are in the middle of it, so your photos can help you cherish key moments, as well as catching up on some of your guests experiences and reactions across the day.

Where DO you work/travel to?

Anywhere. Really, so just ask. I’m based in South London so whilst working locally in the main I’ve also captured weddings in Cornwall, The Cotswolds, Italy & Turkey to name a few of the further flung locations.. My regular fee includes day travel to Greater London.

For weddings outside of London, please let me know where your wedding is and I’ll let you know of any mileage fee.

How long do you stay at my wedding?

10 hrs is the full day package, which normally includes Bridal preparations, last dance & into the evening.   I tend to work pretty much constantly (apart from when I’m eating/scoffing canapes!) so you’ll get full coverage of the day.

I hate being photographed, so can you help me..?

 To be honest I’ve not yet encountered a couple who have said “Michael I cant wait to be centre of attention & have my picture taken, all day”.  So,  I have good news for you as I can offer professional suggestions, acquired from 100+ weddings.  My way of working is really discreet, so I will not be interfering in your day, apart from when required to organise some group formal photos and a perhaps some portraiture images of the newlyweds.   In terms of those portraits of the two of you, if you can hold hands and hug your partner on your wedding day, then we’ll be good..  For some memorable portraits of just you and your newlywed partner I like to suggest we go on a sort of photo-walk (for 30 minutes-is). It’s all very relaxed and we stop along the way and take pictures. If you’d like to try it out, an engagement shoot is a good way to get used to being in front of the lens.

Are you an ethical business?

Absolutely yes! I recognise we’ve only one planet so we need to take care of it. In my home & work life I take care to reduce my impact on the environment where possible. To this end I work pretty much paper free in my photography business; apart from the prints, and albums obvs! These I source from labs and album suppliers with solid eco-credentials. I recycle diligently (honest), & we’re lucky enough to have a garden in London so we grow as much of our food as possible in it. Plus I don’t own a car so tend to travel to weddings via public transport where practical. I have a most excellent photography wheelie case, and a neat cargo trailer for my bike so I may even be one of a very few pedal powered wedding photographers!

Tell me more about the 'portrait' photos of the newlyweds.

Whilst reportage (photographer in the background) style wedding photos tell the story of your wedding, I’d recomend we spend 30 (ish) minutes alone with you during the day to capture some creative portraits.  I try to use natural light where possible to obtain flattering results, and it’s better if  we do this during the ‘golden hours’ (up to 2 hrs before sunset).  This bit is all very relaxed and not intended to be pressured, and many couples say to me they really enjoy this bit..

So do we need to feed you..?

If you have a full day with wedding reception then yes please.   A hungry photographer is not a happy one..   It usually works out most convenient if I eat when you and your guests do, as guests eating is not the best opportunity for timeless images (!).  I don’t ever ask for anything special.  I’m not a fussy eater so whatever is easiest for the caterers will be more than adequate.  Howver if this isn’t practcal or possible I am also happy to bring some sandwiches!

Will you visit the venue before hand?

I always try to (if it’s practical).  I suggest we meet there together if possible.  We can review and agree the best locations for some relaxed couple photos.  I’ll suggest timings etc.. to make the most of the natural light.

Do you have insurance?

Yes I have public liability insurance & kit cover so can provide a copy of this to the venue if they require it

And how about group photos (The Formals)?

These can an important part for a family record of the day, and I will happily help to ensur ethese are as you wish. Experience has shown that it’s worth managing the number of group shots.. Guests and newlyweds (!) get bored and wander off ( to the bar) so it’s best to limit formal photos to a handful (6-8).

What about investment?

Please get in touch for a bespoke quote.   My all day packages include a professional album & wall art.   Most people spend between £1,200 – £2,400 on the whole package

I've got something special planned, can you photograph it?

Absolutely! Just let me know the details, and what you would like me to capture and we’ll agree a plan together.

Do you supply Albums?

Yes. My whole package is inclusive of album and or wall art. I work with professional archive quality album suppliers ‘nphoto’ and ‘Graphistudio’

how do i book you?

Call me is best. Or alternatively you can contact me through the website contact forms. I’ll call you back asap. Ideally we will meet up face-to-face (or Zoom if not possible) in advance of the wedding as it’s important you like my approach and I understand your requirements (we meet at the venue if possible). When we talk through the details of your wedding I’ll ask things like what is important to you with regard to the day and the photos (e.g. reportage/formal/relaxed style, events & surprises at the reception etc.) so that on the day itself I can focus on capturing the essential moments while at the same time blending into the background.