London Charm Meets Cornish Elegance: The Green – Cornwall

30th September 2022

Tasked with documenting the nuptials of Londoners John & Sarah, I was in for a treat. Situated at The Green, Cornwall,  I had the pleasure of  this dynamic duo, radiating fun and down-to-earth charm.  It made my job an absolute pleasure from the get-go.

From South London Streets to Cornish Coast: The Journey Unfolds

Our journey commenced with an engagement shoot in August amidst the vibrant Tooting Commons.  Amidst the smiles and shared ideas, we developed their vision for wedding photography. Post this spirited encounter, my lens was reserved for their wedding at the splendid The Green, nestled near Looe, Cornwall.

Glorious Moments: A Pictorial Symphony

Behold a selection of my favorite moments from the day – a day that unfolded in all its glory. The images, a testament to the spirit of the occasion, reflect the wedding party’s enthusiasm to partake in capturing fun, creativity, and classic moments.

Laughter, Love, and Candid Captures: A Photographer’s Delight

Sarah and John’s infectious laughter and zest for life made my task not just enjoyable but remarkably straightforward. A day ‘at the office’ became a joyous celebration, where every frame encapsulated the essence of their love and the festivities.

A Privilege to Document: 

As a documenter of love stories, I find myself fortunate to work with couples like Sarah and John. Their willingness to embrace the joy of the day and the enthusiasm of wedding guests is a privilege I don’t take lightly.   Peering into the future, 2020 holds promises of new encounters and celebrations across the country. I eagerly look forward to immersing myself in more love stories and preserving cherished moments.

A London- The Green Cornwall Fusion to Remember

John & Sarah’s wedding was more than a union; it was a fusion of London’s vibrant charm with Cornwall’s coastal elegance. Every click, every laugh, and every shared moment added to the tapestry of their love story. To future celebrations and capturing more tales of love and laughter! 📸💕