Navigating Weather Challenges: Tips for Picture-Perfect Wedding Photos Rain or Shine

As you dive into wedding planning, there’s so much to think about and organise – the venue, catering, flowers, attire, and of course, photography.  Your wedding photos will be treasured keepsakes that capture all the joy and love of your big day for years to come. That’s why choosing an experienced, talented London Wedding photographer is so important & reading abou these wedding photo tips could help avoid any mishaps!. 

However, even the best London wedding photographer can’t control the weather. Mother Nature has a mind of her own, and unexpected rain, intense sun, cloudy skies or windy conditions can easily throw a spanner in your dreamy outdoor wedding photo plans. But don’t stress! With some preparation and an open mind, you and your photographer can turn any weather situation into an opportunity for breathtaking photos.

In this guide, we’ll cover tips for working with your London wedding photographer to be ready for whatever weather comes your way. From having the right gear to embracing creative solutions, you’ll be prepped to roll with the punches and get incredible photos rain or shine.

Understanding the Weather’s Impact

The weather on your wedding day will have a huge influence on the overall vibe and aesthetic of your photos. Here’s what to expect from various conditions:

Rain can lend a romantic, cosy feel to photos with glistening droplets and moody lighting. However, it also creates risks of frizzy hair, smeared makeup and soggy clothing.

Bright sunshine looks gorgeous and infuses photos with vibrant, joyful colour. But harsh midday rays can create squinting subjects, strong shadows and hot, sweaty conditions.

Overcast skies provide even, diffused lighting that’s ideal for flattering portraits. The downside is moodier, darker images that may need editing to look vibrant.

Wind can lead to beautiful shots full of dramatic movement and energy. But it can also cause wrinkled attire, constantly needing to fix hair and makeup, and issues with blurriness.

The key is being prepared for anything so you and your photographer can adapt as needed to get the best results.

Newlyweds outside The Dickens Inn
a newlywed couple kiss on with a Mediterranean sea in the background

Preparing for Rain

Rain doesn’t have to ruin your wedding photos! With the right preparation and mindset adjustments, you can end up with romantic, gorgeous photos even if showers appear.


– Rain boots, cute raincoats/cover-ups, and multiple umbrellas for you and your wedding party

– Hiring a photographer with waterproof camera gear, rain covers and equipment protection

– An indoor or tent venue option to move portraits inside if needed

– Towels to dry anyone or anything that gets wet during short bursts outside

Embrace It:

Rather than avoiding rain, you can really lean into it! Use umbrellas as fun props, get cosy under awnings, embrace the elements and let your photographer capture you frolicking in the rain – those images will be so joyful.

Ask your photographer about capturing unique rain-themed photos, like umbrella shots or water droplet close-ups on bouquets or rings. Get creative and have fun with it!

Harnessing Sunshine

A sunny wedding day may sound perfect, but intense direct sunlight brings its own challenges that require smart planning and coordination with your photographer.

Top Tips:

– Try to avoid scheduling outdoor portrait times during the harsh midday sun

– Scout shaded areas like trees or overhangs to pose under and avoid squinting

– Use sun-smart accessories like parasols, sunglasses and suit coats/cover-ups

– Stay hydrated and have blotting papers or powder to manage sweating 

Your photographer will know how to carefully pose you to avoid too-harsh light and shadows. They’ll also likely want to take some photos during “golden hour,” those gorgeous few hours just after sunrise and before sunset.


Overcast Conditions

Though cloud-covered skies don’t sound ideal, they actually allow for beautifully soft, even lighting in photos! Overcast days can give your photos a dreamy, radiant look.

Lean In:

Work with your photographer to embrace an ethereal, moody vibe. Go for more romantic, editorial-style portraits using the muted, diffused light.

Keep in Mind:

Overcast images may need some editing to pump up colour and vibrancy. Discuss this need with your photographer ahead of time.

You may want to incorporate bolder pops of colour in your attire, florals or surroundings to make photos really pop against dulled light.

Windy Weather 

Nothing looks more magical in photos than a billowing wedding veil or dress caught artfully in the wind! While gusts bring creativity opportunities, they require some extra effort.

Be Prepped:

Choose hairstyles and attire that can withstand breezier conditions. Go for updos and lightweight, sleek gowns over big curls and ruffled ball gowns. Bring a grooming kit for touch ups.

Work With It: 

Your photographer will likely direct you to purposefully twirl, toss your hair and interact with any wind. This brings movement and energy to photos!

They’ll also need to stabilise equipment and take extra care to avoid blurry shots from camera shake. Listen to their posing cues to minimise motion issues.

Being Flexible Is Key

No matter what weather pops up on your big day, the most important thing is to stay flexible and trust your photographer’s expertise. Even well-laid weather plans may need to be reworked last-minute.

Discuss a backup plan or rain plan during your meetings, and get on the same page about being open to changing locations, tweaking schedules or reworking photo setups as needed. A great photographer will remain calm and have creative solutions.

At the end of the day, the most important thing is being surrounded by loved ones and marrying your best friend. Don’t let the weather be a stressor! Roll with any punches, keep an open mindset, and amazing photos WILL happen.

Your photographer has handled countless weddings in every weather situation before, and they’ll make sure to give you showstopping imagery that authentically captures the joy, love, and special little moments that made your day yours, no matter the conditions.


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